Девушки, даже не смейте примерять это!

Тех, кто придумал эту обувь, с радостью приняли бы средневековые инквизиторы. Что такое «испанский сапожок» — детский лепет- по сравнению с буйными фантазиями современных обувщиков. Говорят, что во время примерки ни одна девушка не пострадала, потому что не смогла сделать и шагу.

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One Foot In the Grave: Bizarre Shoes Made From Dead Animal Parts This bizarre new range of shoes may make the owner feel like they have one foot in the grave - because they're made from dead animal parts. Designer Iris Schieferstein, 45, spends months creating high heel horse hooves, stilettos from snake skins and sandals sculpted from doves. Iris, who has designed a pair of horse hooves for Lady Gaga, sells the shoes for up to GBP 3,900. One pair features two rearing stuffed doves and the wearer has to slide their toes between the bird's legs. Meanwhile, the horse boots feature the hoof still intact with a bone used for a heel. Strangely, the snakes feature a pistol as a heel and the reptile's tale is tightly gripped in its mouth. Iris collects the dead animals from her local butcher in Berlin, Germany. She spends a week stripping out the meat and bones from the animal's feet and the skin is sent to a tanner to be treated for preservation. The sculptor then sets the skin - complete with fur still in place - around a shoe model before doing any needlework to add insoles and lining. She said: "I love horses and I love shoes so I thought this would be perfect. "Horses have a beautiful walk and I wanted to recreate that with my footwear. "Creating the shoes is ugly work, taking the meat out is not nice, like any taxidermy. "When I began working with dead animals I would pick them up from the street. "But they are protected by the government in Germany, and so after ten years they tried to put me in prison. Now I use my butcher. "Once the shoes are made I wear them to make sure they work, although they would not be suitable to wear around the house." Iris added: "I love taxidermy and find it fascinating, I'm glad that people find my work eye-catching. "Dolce &... For more information visit http://www.rexfeatures.com/stacklink/VZGGSYTFL (Rex Features via AP Images)

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