15 самых прекрасных восходов солнца в мире

Иногда так приятно полюбоваться закатом. А они бывают такие разные и такие прекрасные. Мы для Вас подобрали 17 закатов, которые Вам обязательно понравятся.

This is a sea cave located at Abalone Cove state park in Palos Verdes Estates, Ca. This was a tricky shot to pull off. First off, it's only safe to get in this cave at extreme low tide because otherwise, waves are crashing into the cave. It's possible you could die if you were in here during high tide! Second, there is only a certain part of the year that the sun is far enough south so that it is visible from the cave. So there are very few days in the year when this shot can be taken because you need both of these conditions, not to mention, good weather. On top of that, the fact that you are in a dark cave, shooting straight into the sun makes for a VERY high dymaic range scene. I wasn't too sure the sun was going to peak out of the bottom of those clouds, but it did for about 5 minutes, so I shot away. One exposure to get the inside of the cave exposed, one for the sky and water, and then another to get the sunstar. It was quite a bit of work to process this, and was a really complex blend, but I'm really happy with it. I wasn't sure it was going to be worth anything!

sunrise_15 sunrise_2 sunrise_3 sunrise_4 sunrise_5

Sunrise at Warriewood Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW Australia

Sunrise at Warriewood Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW Australia

sunrise_7 sunrise_8 sunrise_9 sunrise_10 sunrise_11 sunrise_12 sunrise_13 sunrise_14

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